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Our Vision

In 1992, the Lord Jesus Christ gave Timothy Middlebrook (the Originator of this website) a vision (which, since that day, has been the fundamental driving force, for everything that he has been doing) ‐‐ and, in that vision, the Lord Jesus (who is the Lord of lords, King of kings, and God of gods) told Timothy, “If Christians will work together, then I will bless America, more than I have ever blessed her before.”

Then, Jesus (who is alive) showed Timothy (in that same vision), what life would be like, if Christians would “work together” (in every aspect of life) ‐‐ and, he saw an average lifestyle, that was better than the most wealthy people on the planet enjoy ‐‐ and, he saw inventions, in everyday use, that haven’t even been invented yet ‐‐ that is, as far as he knows.

The Bottom Line:

All of this prosperity hinges on one, simple “IF / THEN” Proposition:  “IF” we (as Christians) will work together, “THEN” Jesus (who is with God, and who also is God) will bless us, more than He has ever blessed us before.  And, we certainly have been blessed, here in America ‐‐ even by the one from whom all blessings flow (God).

[Note:  Jesus is God.  So, Jesus is also the one from whom all blessings flow.  Therefore, Jesus is the one who has made America free, and prosperous, and great, and decent, and moral, and just, and relatively peaceful, etc., no matter what anyone else might believe, or say.]

So, the ultimate challenge then becomes this:  As Christians, how can we help one another, to be able to work together, in every aspect of our lives (including in ministry, in healthcare, in education, in the media, in business, in government, etc.), so that we will be “able” to be blessed (including spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially, etc.)?

Many years have passed, since 1992, and many of Timothy’s other Projects have yet to come to fruition ‐‐ however, two things are certain ‐‐ and, those two things are these:  #1) Every good thing is always founded in the spirit, or in prayer; and #2) We (as Christians) must pray, and pray together, in order to be able to get the kind of results, that we want, and NEED.

Of all Timothy’s many Projects, “Turn Your Cares Into Prayers .com” is the one that may reach the most people, the soonest ‐‐ and, as such, he believes that it may be the “key,” to opening the door for us (as Christians), to be “able” to begin working together, and therefore then to be “able” to begin being blessed, by the Living God ‐‐ which we truly NEED, especially today, here, in America!

[Note:  The blessing of the Lord maketh rich, with no sorrow attached.  However, the absence of that blessing defines the curse, like the absence of light defines the darkness.  Therefore, let’s do whatever it takes, to be blessed.  And, the first thing that it takes, is prayer.  So, let’s pray.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.]

Therefore, our vision is to provide a platform, so that people (worldwide) will be reminded about God, and about prayer, and so that they can learn more, about prayer, and about the great things that God can, and SHALL do for us (if we will simply obey Him), and a platform by which we (as Christians) can ultimately begin “working together,” in evangelism, and more, for God’s glory, for our benefit, and for the sake of the lost.

Help us, Lord. Amen.

If you have any questions, about what we believe, or why, or about what each of us must do, to obey Jesus, or how to effectively pray, and get results, or about any of a number of other things, including how you might be able to help, please contact us.

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