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Testimonies About What Our God Has Done

Many people have experienced the manifested power of God, as the direct result of prayer ‐‐ which is simply the term that is used, to describe a two-way conversation, with the “living” God (Jesus Christ).

Jesus is alive.  And, He has promised to never leave, or forsake those who believe in Him, and who also obey Him (of course).

Christians have been told, to let those who do NOT love, and therefore then also obey Jesus, be accursed.  And, God has warned Christians, as well as everyone else, that, if someone will NOT obey Jesus, he will be destroyed, from among the people of God.

On the other hand, those who have ears to hear Jesus, and who obey Him, see manifestations of God’s approval, or confirmations, so that they can be encouraged, even in the face of death ‐‐ which many saints have suffered, at the hands of absolutely vicious servants of the devil ‐‐ and, which servants of the devil include both spiritual, and human beings (of course).

Jesus is alive.  And, He is a man of war.  AND, He has NEVER lost a battle ‐‐ which is of utmost importance to us, because we are in a spiritual war, over what men will believe, and then do (because of what they believe) ‐‐ and, which warfare includes a battle with our own flesh.

As Christians, we are also in a war, over what we ourselves will believe, and therefore then do (because of what we believe).  And, those of us who pray, “believing,” will see manifestations of God’s power ‐‐ which many, MANY Christians have witnessed, throughout history ‐‐ and, some of which testimonies we plan to list, on this website.

So, if you have seen a manifestation of God’s power, please share your testimony with us, and with everyone ‐‐ even because we can only overcome (as Christians), by the blood of the Lamb (which has been provided for us, by Jesus), and by the word of our testimony (which is up to us to provide, as those who believe in Jesus).

Let’s overcome, together.  And, again, since we overcome, by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimony, please share your testimony, or testimonies with us, and with everyone.

Ultimately, we plan to list some amazing testimonies (of what God has done), on this website; and we invite you to share your testimony, or testimonies (about the great things that God has done, for you), as well as to come back, when we have listed these amazing testimonies ‐‐ that, or you can leave us your contact information, so that we can let you know, when we have listed these amazing testimonies, as well as when we have some other important information, that we want to share with you (while keeping your contact information totally confidential, of course).

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