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A Few Scriptural References

[Note:  When you are looking up the supporting scriptures, for the statements below, please use the King James Version (KJV), because it is the most clear, and most accurate, at revealing the truth.]

No matter what has been your religion, denomination, specific cultural background, etc. (whether you have been an idolater, a fornicator, a sorcerer, a liar, a thief, a murderer, etc.), God is still God, and He rules over everything, and over everyone (including over Satan, and over his entire Kingdom of Darkness).

And, as God, He has an extremely high regard, for everyone who fears Him, and who works righteousness, without respect of persons (see Acts 10).

AND, as the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe (see 1Tim. 4:10), He has already been saving all of us ‐‐ that is, every person on earth, no matter how bad, or how good.

As men, we all have one thing in common ‐‐ and, that one thing is this:  Our Creator loves us (see 1Pet. 1-5, etc.).  And, whether we “know” one thing, or another, or a little, or a lot, there is only one God, and He wants to help us, out of where we have been, and into where He wants us to “be,” which includes helping us into a full, and accurate understanding, of who He is, and of what He both expects, and requires of us, as men ‐‐ even as men who believe in Him, enough to seek Him, and to love Him, and to obey Him, and more (see Col. 1-4, Eph. 1-6, John 1:1-14, Rev. 1:8-18, 1Tim. 3:16, John 20, John 13:13, Rev. 19:11-16, Heb. 13:8, Mat. 5-7, Jer. 33:2-3, 2Chron. 7:14, 1John 1:9, 1Thes. 5:14-28, Jas. 5:13-20, Mark 9:14-29, Mark 13, etc.).

However, remember:  Of him, to whom much more has been given, much more is “required” (see Lu. 12-21, 2Pet. 1-3, etc.) ‐‐ which makes us more, and more accountable, as we mature, with regard to “spiritual” things ‐‐ and, which is especially important, when it comes to our getting answers to our prayers, on a consistent, and on an ongoing basis.

The “written” Word of God (or Holy Bible) tells us, that whoever comes to God must believe that He “is” (or that He exists), and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (see Heb. 11:6) ‐‐ and, that those rewards include getting answers to every one our prayers (even if the answer is no) ‐‐ which Jesus has promised us (see Mat. 17:14-21, Mat. 21:17-22, Mark 11:20-26, John 14:12-14, etc.).

As we know, faith (or believing in God) is required, in order for us to be able to please God.  However, God does NOT answer the prayers of sinners (see John 9) ‐‐ and, there are people who believe (just like Satan and his demons believe), and yet they still continue to sin (see Jas. 2, etc.).

God’s Word makes it exceedingly clear, that God requires people to both repent, AND believe the Gospel (see Mark 1:14-15).  God also requires that people obey “all” of His commandments, and that they do those things that are “pleasing” to Him, in order for them to be “able” to get answers to their prayers, or even get into heaven (see 1John 3, John 14:15-27, Ps. 2, etc.).

On everyone’s Day of Judgment (whether that Day be sooner, or later), it will be Jesus, and only Jesus, who will judge everyone (without respect of persons), by God’s “written” Word (see John 12:35-50, 1Pet. 1:17, etc.) ‐‐ and, the righteous will scarcely be saved, while the ungodly, and the sinner will NOT be saved (see 1Pet. 4:17-18).

[Note:  Since Jesus is the Word of God (see Rev. 19:11-16), and since the Word is with God, and the Word is God (see John 1:1-14), Jesus is with God, and He also is God (see Rev. 5, 1Tim. 3:16, and John 8).  He is also the Creator of everything seen, and unseen (see John 1:1-3, Col. 1:9-29, etc.), and the only Savior, for all men (see Acts 4:8-12), and the only Judge, for all men (see Acts 10:34-43).]

Therefore, no matter what you may, or may NOT have done (in the past), you must hear, and also obey Jesus (see John 14, Mark 16, Acts 3, Ex. 15, Prov. 1:20-33, Rev. 2-3, Rev. 21:5-8, Rom. 1, John 8, Mat. 25, etc.), so that you can please Him ‐‐ which is absolutely necessary (see Ps. 2, etc.) ‐‐ and, which God’s children “can” do, but Satan’s children either CANNOT, or WILL NOT do (see John 8:28-47, Rom 6:16-18, etc.).

Remember:  God sees in secret, and rewards openly ‐‐ and, He will judge us (as He will also judge everyone), without respect of persons, at our day of judgment, as well as right now ‐‐ even both for the good, and for the bad that we have done (see 2Cor. 5, 1Cor. 1:1-10, etc.).

Jesus is coming back to earth, for a Church without spot, wrinkle, or blame (see Eph. 5:22-33, 1Tim. 6, etc.) ‐‐ and, we will either be members of that one “holy” Body of Christ, or of that one “holy” Church (without spot, wrinkle, or blame), or we won’t be.

It is good to be forgiven.  And, we all “need” to be forgiven (see Rom. 3, Acts 4, 1Tim. 1, etc.).  So, let’s do whatever it takes, to get, be, and stay forgiven (see Acts 2:22-40, Mat. 26:26-28, 1John 1:5-10, etc.).

One good thing to know is this:  Jesus did NOT come to earth, to condemn people.  Everyone on earth is ALREADY condemned, without having done anything bad, or good (see John 3) ‐‐ even because of the sin of Adam.  Rather, Jesus came to earth, to SAVE people ‐‐ even those who will “receive” Him, and His Word, and His doctrine, and His mercy, and His grace, and His love, and His redemption, and His commandments, and His Holy Spirit, and His gifts, and His servants, and more (see the Holy Bible for the support of these, and many other statements).

In the final analysis, no matter who you are, and no matter what you have, or have NOT done (in the past), we encourage you to “turn your cares into prayers.”  There is only one God of heaven, and earth, and He is merciful, and gracious, and He is watching, and listening.

Without God, we have no hope of salvation.  However, with Him, we have hope.

So, let’s pray.

And, if you have any questions, about what we believe, or why, or about what each of us must do, to obey Jesus, or how to effectively pray, and get results, or about any of a number of other things, please contact us.

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