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God does NOT hear the prayers of sinners ‐‐ that is, aside from sincere prayers of repentance ‐‐ and, sometimes, He refuses to hear, or answer sincere prayers of repentance (based upon the historical relationship, between God, and a particular sinner) ‐‐ which is quite serious.

[Note:  The fear of the Lord is the beginning (or foundation) of both wisdom, and knowledge ‐‐ and, this fear of the Lord is fundamental, to having a good relationship with God, as well as to getting answers to our prayers.]

There are certain scary promises, for those who refuse to hearken to wisdom, and for those who are more mature, but sin willfully, etc.  So, as a warning, to everyone, and especially to Christians, “Go, and sin no more.”  And, make sure that you are forgiven, before you pray.

The point is this:  We must be pleasing to God, in order to have Him answer our prayers ‐‐ and, faith pleases God ‐‐ even because, without faith, it is impossible to please God,

However, with faith, it “is” possible to please God.

And, if we are pleasing to God, He will answer our prayers, and He will also do a whole lot more.

Now, as our example, Jesus Christ pleased God, because He always did those things that pleased Him ‐‐ which is exactly what we must do, if we want to get answers to our prayers.

Remember:  Of him, to whom much more has been given, much more is required.

So, in order to be able to get answers to our prayers, and get into heaven, we must repent, from all of our sins, and obey God, in every aspect of our lives.  Plus, we must put, and keep Jesus, as our FIRST love.  And, even though many say, that doing this is NOT possible, it “is” possible ‐‐ even because the commandments of God are NOT grievous (or hard) ‐‐ AND, if we love God (Jesus being both Lord, and God), we will obey Him, and we will also be blessed, “because” of it.

[Note:  We need the blessing of the Lord (which maketh rich, with no sorrow attached), because we need far more, than we could ever even begin to pray for (like having our hearts continue to beat, or having the devourer be rebuked from us, and a lot more).]

So, let’s obey Jesus, and EXPECT to be blessed, with answers to our prayers, and more.

And, if you have any questions, about what we believe, or why, or about what each of us must do, to obey Jesus, or to pray effectively (and get results), or about any of a number of other things, please contact us.

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