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There was once a man, who God sent (from heaven, to earth), who lived a perfect life (while He was alive), who died on a cross (to take away the sin of the world), and who rose from the dead (which means that He came back to life), and who then also ascended back into heaven, to sit at the right hand of God, where He now reigns, as the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, and the God of gods (because Jesus is not only with God, He is God), forever.

And, in English, that man’s name was, is, and always shall be Jesus, and He was, is, and always shall be the Jewish Messiah, or the Christ.  And, since Jesus is alive, and since He loves you, and since He never changes, you can pray, and He will answer you, just like He answered the prayer requests of many other people, when He was here, on earth, and since.

[Note:  We must recognize, that answers, to prayers, might include “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe,” or “Later” ‐‐ and, that all of those potential answers qualify, as answers.  We must also recognize, that Jesus does NOT “promise” to answer the prayers of “sinners,” or of those who are outside of a “covenant relationship” with Him (which means that you need to “receive” Jesus, as your “personal” Lord and Savior, and that you must “obey” Him, in all ways, and always, if you want to EXPECT to have Him “answer” your prayers).  HOWEVER, “sometimes,” He DOES “answer” those prayers, because (since He wants to ESTABLISH a “covenant relationship” with people, and because He wants people to STOP SINNING, and to live “holy,” and “obedient” lives) He DRAWS people, to Himself, and to obedience, etc., by His love, and by His mercy, and by His grace, etc. (which are NOT meant to be taken advantage of, of course).  So, please repent, from all of your sins, and do, what Jesus has already told you to, personally, and in His “written” Word, etc., and pray, sincerely, right there, right where you are, and right now, and EXPECT to get “answers,” to your prayers (including getting answers to any questions that you might have, and more).]

Now, since Jesus was, is, and always shall be the primary representative, for the God of Israel, and the Almighty God, and since He Himself is Alpha and Omega, the beginning, and the ending, and the first, and the last, He spoke, speaks, and always shall speak, for the Almighty God, yesterday, today, and forever.  And, therefore, every one of us would do well, to listen to Him, because He was, is, and always shall be extremely wise, and well informed, and since He is alive (given that He rose from the dead), God’s children can hear His voice, and they will not follow the voice of a stranger.

And, since Jesus never changes, what He has said, in the past, He might say, again, today, in the same, or in similar circumstances.  Therefore, all of us would do well, to read the “written” Word of God, or the Holy Bible (with the King James Version (KJV) being the best version, to read, and to study, and to share, etc.), in order to get a good idea, about what He “might” say (to us, or to anyone), on any particular day, at any particular time, or in any particular set of circumstances.

Now, even though there is a lot of confusion, among those who claim to be experts, and who claim to know certain things (about God, or about the Word of God, etc.), it is up to each of us, to know things, for ourselves.  And, unless we take the time, to read the “written” Word of God, or the Holy Bible, for ourselves, and then go to God, in prayer, and get answers, for ourselves (from Him, from Jesus, or from the Spirit of God), we will always be subject to the errors of those fallible men, in whom we might have trusted (including ourselves, of course).

[Note:  God is infallible, or perfect.  And, God (the Father), and Jesus (the Son of God), and the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of God) are ONE God, in three “manifestations,” or in three “persons.”]

Who better to trust, than Jesus?

Who lived a better life, or set a better example?

And, who else took away the sin of the world (including our sin)?

And, who else said, publicly, that He would be crucified, and that He would rise from the dead, in three days, and, then, exactly as He had said, it happened ‐‐ that is, according to men that were approved, by the manifested power of God, and who are worthy of being believed?

[Note:  No one should believe anything, simply because it was written down.  So, each of us must be convinced, by the manifested power of God, that the Holy Bible is true.  Everything, that someone believes, should be verified, or validated, or confirmed, by someone “reliable.”  And, who better to verify, or validate, or confirm, that the Holy Bible is true, and worthy of being believed, and obeyed, etc., than the person who wrote it?  Now, since God wrote the Holy Bible, or the “written” Word of God, through holy men (as they were moved by the Spirit of God), God needs to verify, or validate, or confirm, that He did write it.  And, He will ‐‐ that is, if we will simply let Him.  And, we can do that, by simply asking Him, to verify, or validate, or confirm, that He did write the Holy Bible, or the “written” Word of God, in prayer.  Now, for your sake, and ours, we have already done that, and the true, and the “living” God has already answered us.  So, we speak to you, or we write to you, from that point of understanding, by means of this website.]

The fact is, no one, in all of history, can compare to Jesus.

Do NOT follow, serve, or obey anyone, other than the wonderful, “invisible” person (Jesus), who loves you, so much, that He died for you (on a cross), and who now lives for you (in heaven), and who also loves you, more than you could ever even begin to love yourself.

And, even though Jesus is in heaven, He has also promised us (as Believers), to never leave us, or forsake us ‐‐ which means that He is with us, right now, and that He can also do things, for us, right now, because we ask Him to ‐‐ and, which demands that we receive those things, in our minds, and in our hearts, by faith ‐‐ and, which things He will manifest, if we will simply seek the Lord, in our prayers, and in our praises, and in our giving, and in our manifested love (for God, and for our neighbors), and in our obedience to God, etc., or (in other words) in our behavior.

Our works matter.

Remember:  The Kingdom of God is within you (which is where you go, when you pray, and which is where Jesus lives); and Jesus loves you; and He “wants” to answer your prayers.

So, pray.  Talk to Jesus ‐‐ and, listen to Him ‐‐ and, then, also, obey Him ‐‐ even because He can do more for you, in a moment, than you can do for yourself, in a lifetime.

Jesus wants to give you life, life more abundantly, and eternal life.  So, do NOT let the world, the flesh, or the devil keep you, from receiving, what Jesus died, in order for you to be able to get, have, keep, enjoy, and share.

Your inheritance is waiting for you ‐‐ and, so is Jesus.  He loves you.  Therefore, now that you have “heard” all of that, PRAY!!!

Jesus will help you ‐‐ that is, if you will ask Him to.

And, if you would like someone, to agree with you, in prayer, or if you would like to know, why Jesus sometimes refuses to answer prayers (and what you can do about that), or if you would like to know something else, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best, to help you.

And, may the Living God bless you, and yours, and all of us.

Help us, Lord.  Amen.

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P.S.  God, or the Almighty God, or the God of Israel, or God the Father, etc., is both good, AND severe.  And, even though He sent Jesus, to this earth, to take away the sin of the world, so that no one would need to suffer, from His wrath (either in this life, or in the next), He requires that people “believe” in Jesus, AND that they also “obey” Him, in order to be ABLE to be saved, now (in earth), or later (in heaven), or both.  And, everyone, who “believes” in Jesus (because he has HEARD the Gospel, and he “believes,” BECAUSE of it), is called a Christian.  Therefore, if you now believe in Jesus, because you have heard the above, or because of what you might have heard, earlier, and because of what God has verified, or validated, or confirmed, by His manifested power (which is that Jesus is the Son of God, or the Messiah, or the Christ, or Immanuel, or God in the flesh, and that He loves you, and that the “written” Word of God is true, and more), please keep reading, as a Christian, or please contact us, as a Christian.  And, remember:  United we SHALL “stand” (as Christians) ‐‐ and, “unity” begins with YOU!  So, again, please keep reading, or contact us, as a Christian.  Let’s do this thing, called “life,” TOGETHER.  And, may the “living,” and the Almighty God bless you, and yours, and all of us.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.

P.P.S.  If you already know Jesus, and you would like to help us, to spread the Word of God, and to remind people, to pray, and more (by purchasing, and displaying Window Stickers, or by giving away Bookmarks, etc.), or if you would like to help us, in any of a number of other ways, please contact us.  We have a nation to save, and a world to influence ‐‐ and, by the grace of God, and as a “united” Body of Christ, we can, and we shall do both.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.

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